An advance of Rs 5,00,000/- is to be made for a confirmed booking.

The next payment should be made before the registration for the land portion, and amount equivalent to the guideline value of the plot or UDS.

Payments are stage-linked, that is – you will pay as per construction schedule. This is an indicative list, and may vary as per the project. 

  1. Booking Amount: 5%
  2. Registration: 40% (if going for loan, margin portion from customer and balance from loan account)
  3. Foundation: 55%
  4. GF Roof: 70%
  5. FF Roof: 85%
  6. Plastering: 95%
  7. Possession: 100%

You can. However, it will not be a confirmed booking. We will expect the booking advance within 3 working days or the unit status will be vacant. Incase of demand for the unit within this time, you may lose the unit. 

Yes. Depending on the project we obtain approval from DTCP or the panchayat, as required for the particular location. Panchayat approvals are obtained in the name of the customer after he/she registers the unit. 

Accurate Loan sanction amount will depend upon a number of factors. A guideline often used by bankers is 48-60 months of take home pay. 

We will guide you through the entire loan process from application to closure.

Visvas homes routinely provide better returns than any other property. Visvas homes tend to appreciate to a higher degree than even adjacent properties because for a host of reasons. The value we create shows up in improved quality of life within our gated communities, which reflects in the investment appreciation.  

We create infrastructure for our projects from ground up. We ensure roads, street lights, sewage lines, water lines, EB cables, Generator back up arrangements are of top quality and no hassle in maintaining. The costing of the unit by other builders does not include these facilities in general. We do not compromise on construction quality. 

Having handed over more than 3000 units, our track record stands testimony to our expert by experience status. Along the way we have earned an excellent reputation and a solid relationship with banks. Our residences are designed to be aesthetic, elegant and functional. With elegant design, quality construction and robust infrastructure, the residential enclave is tailored to be a harmonious well-maintained gated community. 

We are a knowledgeable, ethical, professionally managed real estate firm. Our documentation and processes are unambiguous and designed to make the purchase and ownership experience a happy journey.

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