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Three decades back, our founder began as a mediator for property transactions. Having walked the length and breadth of the city, he understood the basics of what makes a property valued. In 1999, Visvas began its operations, starting with 28 units at Sree Nikethan at SS Colony and went on to complete such landmarks as Vajra, Agrini, Vasudhara and Visthara. From humble beginnings, Visvas today has completed close to 3000 homes, and more than 3.5 million sq.ft of residential built up space.,

Visvas introduced gated communities to Madurai when the concept was still at its infancy in southern metros, Visvas built and managed community spaces at each of its projects. Together with open green spaces, Visvas brought back community living to the temple city, All this has reflected in our properties having consistenly appreciated faster than the rest of the market, and today, are sought after residences. We take pride in the fact that a third of our customers have made repeat purchases in our properties. And we rely more on our customers to spread the word, rather than any other medium.

What we do?

We manage, end to end, delivery of well crafted homes. We lookout for properties with clean titles, potable water and that are well connected, in up and coming locations. We look to create good harmonious communities that are model locations. This in turn attracts a steady clientele and provides a good resale value for our customers.

Why Visvas?

We are knowledgeable, ethical, professionally managed real estate firm. We have earned trust on the back of consistently well designed and executed projects. Our documentation and processes are unambiguous and designed to make the purchase and ownership experience a happy journey.

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